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SAFER Guides Knowledge Platform

FinReg Global’s innovative solution enhances the implementation of the SAFER Guides to the next level by providing an automated and streamlined approach to optimize EHR safety and meet regulatory requirements effortlessly.

The SAFER Solution

Are you seeking to optimize your approach to reporting under the CMS SAFER guides requirements? Let us examine the SAFER Guides Knowledge Platform. This innovative solution takes the implementation of the SAFER Guides to the next level by providing an automated and streamlined approach. With its array of features and benefits, this platform empowers healthcare organizations to optimize EHR safety and meet regulatory requirements with ease.

The Safer Solution

Roadmap for Optimizing EHR for Patient Safety

The SAFER Guides provide a clear roadmap for healthcare organizations to optimize their EHR systems for patient safety. By allocating responsibility for areas, managing the execution of the assessment, and identifying and allocating recommendations to individuals, organizations can systematically improve the safety and effectiveness of their EHR systems.

Remediation Options for Strengthening EHR Resiliency

The SAFER Guides Knowledge Platform includes remediation examples and leading practice controls that help healthcare organizations to improve the operation of their EHR, to minimize vulnerabilities, strengthen system performance, and ensure continuous access to critical patient information and thereby enhancing patient safety.

Reduced Administrative Burden with Centralized Oversight

By utilizing the SAFER Guides Knowledge Platform, healthcare organizations can centralize their oversight and management of EHR Patient Safety. This reduces administrative burden by providing a standardized framework for assessment and compliance, streamlining processes, and ensuring consistency across the multiple reporting entities in a healthcare organization.

Benchmarking and Comparative Analysis

The SAFER Guides Knowledge Platform enables benchmarking and comparative analysis of EHR safety practices. Healthcare organizations can assess their status of implementation across their multiple entities, identify areas of excellence, and benchmark their progress over time, facilitating continuous improvement and ensuring alignment with evolving requirements.

Collaboration between Multiple Disciplinary Teams and Stakeholders

The SAFER Guides Knowledge Platform promotes collaboration among multiple disciplinary teams and stakeholders involved in patient safety. By following the roadmap, healthcare organizations can foster effective communication and cooperation between clinical, IT, Safety, and administrative teams, ensuring a comprehensive approach to EHR safety.

Audit Trail & Supporting Documents for Assessments

The SAFER Guides Knowledge Platform provides an audit trail for assessments from initiation to completion. The audit trail allows healthcare organizations to capture the completion of their assessment process (and the individuals who completed the assessment). It also allows for the capture of supporting documentation to document compliance efforts, and provide evidence of adherence to regulatory requirements, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Assessment of Multiple EHRs and SAFER Guide Area Views

The SAFER Guides Knowledge Platform integrate the capability to assess multiple systems and reporting entities, as well as provide SAFER Guide Area views. This holistic approach enables healthcare organizations to evaluate the safety of their entire her ecosystem, including interfaces and integrations, and identify potential risks or areas for improvement across different reporting entities across multiple SAFER Guide Areas.

Support for CMS Requirement Compliance

The SAFER Guides Knowledge Platform supports healthcare organizations in meeting the new Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirement to attest to EHR safer compliance. By following the roadmap, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to patient safety and fulfil regulatory obligations.

Features of SAFER

Access to Library of Leading Practice Controls

Gain access to a rich library of leading practice controls that promote the safe and effective use of electronic health records (EHRs). This extensive collection of best practices serves as a valuable resource to guide your organization towards optimal EHR safety.

SAFER - Access to Library of Leading Practice Controls
SAFER - Automated Workflows to Assess, Document, and Demonstrate Compliance

Automated Workflows to Assess, Document, and Demonstrate Compliance

Simplify and automate the assessment process with an intuitive and user-friendly workflow. From assigning responsibilities to tracking progress, the platform ensures a streamlined and efficient assessment experience.

Collaboration Tools

Foster collaboration and communication among multidisciplinary teams and stakeholders involved in EHR safety. Stay organized and informed with real-time tracking of assessment and safety practice implementation status. The platform provides clear accountability and visibility into the progress of your organization’s compliance efforts, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

SAFER - Collaboration Tools
SAFER - Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Generate comprehensive reports and gain valuable insights into your organization’s EHR safety performance. Easily monitor your adherence to recommended practices, identify areas of strength, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement through customizable reporting options, data visualization tools, and analytics capabilities.

Compliance Management

The platform provides an accessible compliance management system, allowing you to monitor and track your organization’s adherence to regulatory standards.

SAFER - Compliance Management

Benchmark Your Performance

Visualize your organization’s performance using intuitive heatmaps and visual reports. These powerful tools enable you to benchmark your EHR safety practices across multiple entities, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to enhance patient care.

Tech Specs

Cloud based - AWS hosted

FinReg Platform - ISO 27001 certified

Embedded task management

RUSO-Con: Admin controlled with multi level user access

Full audit trail for all inputs

Security led read only access

FinReg Devices


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