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Introducing our Products

Complete solutions for demonstrable regulatory compliance


QMCore has been carefully developed to address your specific needs for a System of Quality Management and deliver unparalleled performance. QMCore is designed to empower individuals and their Firms, unlocking new possibilities via confidence in compliance.


EnSiGn, launching in Q2 2024, is our governance-based software solution designed to Educate, Enable and Evidence your journey to a compliant and verifiable CSRD+ESRS Sustainability Report, ready for Board Approval and External Assurance.

SAFER Guides Knowledge Platform

The SAFER Guides Knowledge Platform, is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the implementation of the SAFER Guides and streamline the assessment process for healthcare organisations.

Financial Instrument Impairment Assessor

FinReg’s FIIA software enables Credit Unions to assess and document their loan impairment provision in demonstrable compliance with accounting and regulatory requirements.

Anti Money Laundering

Manage the onboarding of you clients in compliance with the requirements of Anti Money Laundering Legislation in Ireland

Annual Declaration Assessor

An assessor tool to allow accountancy firms manage the assessment of staff for Independence, Fitness & Probity, Confidentiality and Anti-Money Laundering requirements

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