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NAViG8 - GDPR helps organisations, their Boards and management teams achieve demonstrable compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) requirements

Demonstrable Compliance

NAViG8 - GDPR demonstrates how the Board and management team achieve demonstrable compliance with GDPR and satisfy their compliance with GDPR requirements in a clear, structured and evidenced fashion.

Robust methodology

NAViG8 - GDPR ensures that key stakeholders have live access to relevant information, so they can monitor their compliance with the GDPR and track the progress made on required actions to assess their level of compliance. Modules for data inventory, process repository, subject access request processing and breach logs are linked directly to your suite of policies and procedures via the governance module – meaning you can access, understand and demonstrate how you’re meeting and managing your data protection needs.

Oversight from regulatory and IT experts

NAViG8 - GDPR was designed and delivered by a team of regulatory, industry and IT experts. Ongoing support is provided by an experienced team, to support users through the process and to ensure the toolset is maintained to adapt to changing regulatory requirements and/or expectations.

Identify the regulatory requirements and expectations

The NAViG8 solution helps you chart a course through the regulatory landscape, identifying for you the regulatory requirements and expectations, and then bringing you through them in a guided, structured fashion that builds up the full picture of your data protection policy suite and control infrastructure, how it operates and where (and how) it might be enhanced.

Assess your degree of compliance

NAViG8 – GDPR enables risk and policy owners to conduct an initial self-assessment of their degree of compliance, linked directly to core regulatory requirements. That assessment is then benchmarked, validated and monitored, identifying any gaps for remediation.

Demonstrate your compliance

By allowing you to upload supporting evidence where required, NAViG8 - GDPR shows you exactly where you are at any point, thus accelerating your organisation’s journey to compliance, and allowing you to evidentially support and demonstrate your compliance.


Demonstrating GDPR compliance can be complex - with our solution that challenge is easily met

The content of NAViG8 – GDPR comprises of 5 modules: Data repository, Process repository, Governance module, Subject Access Request (“SAR”) processing log and Breach log. These modules are interlinked to allow for organisational and overall management

Each requirement is bookmarked to relevant sources e.g. legislation and each section (where relevant) is referenced to the specific requirement that the section addresses. There is full project management lifecycle tracking implemented via the action tracker.

Within each section the user can click to expand it and see all the requirements relevant to the section. With this view, the user can get to the desired location and show full demonstrable compliance.

Detailed expanded view with colour coding

  • View sections in detail, with question and sub question expanded.
  • Immediately see via colour coded boxes the compliant / non-compliant / not answered status of all areas.
  • Measure your progress towards compliance over time through the columnised time bounded view.

Full audit trail

The Solution has full audit trail functionality built in, which:

  • documents who was assigned & completed each section; and
  • documents when requirements / sections / actions are completed and records supporting evidence.

Updated policy uploads, and reassignment of sections are all also recorded as part of the audit trail.

Action Tracker

The action tracker functionality allows users to keep track of status at all times and to send reminders at scheduled stages, or as needed.


Document manager

Document manager – relevant documents are uploaded to NAViG8 – GDPR, facilitating examination of policies and procedures against
regulatory requirements. Guidelines and regulatory requirements for the benchmarking exercise are bookmarked and linked to relevant modules.

Reporting and Board Packs

  • The dashboard and tables show requirements, governance arrangements, levels of compliance and rationales to support conclusions.
  • Reports show a point-in-time assessment.
  • The dashboard can be filtered to the users’ desired view.
  • Filter reports to particular modules and easily export to PDF or Excel as needed.
  • Users can produce an Executive Summary and Recommendations through the reporting module.

Multi-User Functionality

  • Administrators can allocate and / or restrict user access to meet your needs.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of users.
  • Users can create custom views.
  • Actions can be allocated to any individual, internal or external, without compromising data integrity


Tech specs

  • Cloud based
  • ISO 27001 certified platform
  • PC / Tablet / Mobile compatible
  • Admin controlled multi level user access
  • Security led read only access for reporting
  • Date and time stamped audit trail for all data inputs


Please contact sales for pricing and tech specs.

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