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Make your business not just compliant, but better.

Make your business not just compliant, but better.

We create technology solutions that stay the course with you as your business changes and regulation changes.

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Our business model exists to create regulatory solutions that make your business model better.

The FinReg Platform enables companies to create software driven solutions: - understand, assess and document their current level of compliance with a regulatory requirement; and - to improve both the level and efficiency of compliance.

We understand...

Business models

...that it is the business models of the companies we work with that drive risk and compliance software design and implementation. Understanding the relationship between business and risk / compliance enables the development of solutions which align the needs of all stakeholders.

Solution co-creation

...the value of collegiality in creating risk & compliance technology solutions. Regulators, risk professionals, businesses, the tech industry and advisors; each has a distinct role in the development of risk & compliance solutions. We know them, we understand them, we value them - and we work with them.

Leveraging expertise to incorporate industry leading subject specific matter expertise in to our solutions.

Technology to develop the optimal platform to provide a base upon which our software development methodology can operate.

Good governance

...that incorporating the principles of Good Governance, Leadership, Control, Responsibility, Effectiveness and Clarity into software design facilitates company outperformance and attract investment.

Operational effectiveness our customers operate. Our solutions are not about checklists and ticking the box – they leverage our Team’s coalface experience to make your business not just compliant, but better.

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