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FinReg Global announces launch of QMCore

Dublin – 2nd April 2024: FinReg Global (‘FRG’), which provides software solutions for governance risk and compliance has announced the launch of its new ‘QMCore product’ The company is headquartered in Dublin.

QMCore is FRG’s technology solution that helps audit firms address the challenges of becoming compliant with ISQM 1. ISQM 1 is a global standard that provides a focus on audit quality to ensure all firms have quality as a priority when performing audits and other assurance engagements.  ISQM 1 requires this focus on quality through a process of risk management and monitoring and remediation.

QMCore has been carefully developed by FRG’s team of audit subject matter experts, former regulators, and quality practitioners to address specific needs for a System of Quality Management aligned with the ISQM 1 Standard.

QM Core has received 'Technology Accreditation' from the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales).

Guy Willans, Chief Operating Officer, FRG said: “In a world with ever-increasing compliance requirements QM Core delivers a software that educates an audit firm’s staff on the ISQM 1 standard, enables them to address the standard and provides evidence of their compliance with the standard.”’


For more information please contact:

Guy Willans (COO) on +44(0)7768010107 or


Kilian Doyle (Head of Collaboration) on +353 (86) 8534183 or

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