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Building a Solution

We develop best in class risk and compliance technology solutions by using our FinReg Technology Platform to combine rigorous design thinking & execution with deep domain knowledge.

Design thinking & execution

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Deep domain knowledge

Good governance

We understand and value the fundamental principles and practice of good governance.

Ecosystem knowledge

Understanding the relationship between regulators and financial institutions enables the development of solutions which aligns regulatory and business requirements.

Financial regulation

Our solutions incorporate industry leading specific regulatory subject matter expertise.

Stakeholder relationships

Understanding and meeting the needs of all stakeholders - both external and internal

Business models

Our deep understanding of the business models of the companies we work with drives product design.

Solution co-creation

The value of collegiality in creating risk and compliance solutions.  Regulators, businesses, the tech industry and advisors.  Each has a distinct role in the development of risk and compliance solutions.  We know them, we understand them, we value them and we work with them.


Identifying and developing the optimal platform to provide a base upon which our product methodology can operate.

Business execution

We understand how our clients operate.

Technology platforms

We produce solutions that can handle enormous volumes of complex financial and compliance data, and at the same time are simple and easy to use.
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